Why “Pixels for People?”

Named for the lowly dots or squares that make up every image you see on your screen, “Pixels for People” was created to match non-profit and people-helping organizations with the tools they need in the areas of PR, Marketing, Advertising, Web Development, Social Media, and Strategy Consulting. Pixels for People is a project of the ALARA Group, a Kerrville-based marketing consultancy.

What kinds of organizations are eligible?

If your organization serves people, you are eligible. (Easy huh?) The goal is to give a “hand up” to those groups in our community that “help out,” serving bona-fide needs in the community. Though groups from many fields are considered, groups in the areas of education, social services, and religious outreach are preferred. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Exactly how much do these services cost?

Our goal is to provide reduced-rate (or even free) services to groups that need them. Every project is different, as is the ongoing availability of P4P Professionals. We’ll do as much work as we can, and we are always sensitive to the non-profit budget.

What kinds of services are available?

Pixels for People pros are competent in website design and hosting, social media, graphic design, public relations and strategy consulting, as well as many other areas of public presentation.

How do I apply on behalf of my organization?

Non-profit and group officers are welcome to complete our Online Application. We’ll let you know we’ve received your request, and can usually get you a decision within two weeks or less. We often like to sit down with you to get more information after we receive your application.

Do you accept applications from outside the Hill Country?

Though Pixels for People was originally envisioned as a way to “help the helpers” in the Texas Hill Country, we are open to assisting groups from surrounding areas. We’re actively working on building a network of like-minded marketing professionals from other geographic areas.

How many are helped, and how often?

We’d love to help everyone who puts in a request. However, because we ask professionals to reduce (or forego altogether) their wages, there are some limits on how many groups can be assisted. The demand, as well as the number of available and willing P4P pros, will dictate how many projects can be accomplished. Just remember... it never hurts to ask!

I’m a marketing or PR professional. How do I get involved?

Shoot us an email... info@pixelsforpeople.com. Let us know what skills you have, how involved you’d like to be, and a way to get in touch with you via phone.

Who decides what organizations are to receive assistance?

Pixels for People turns to a panel of trusted community advisors and other leaders to help select recipients that best fit our stated goals and have the greatest potential for community benefit.

Welcome to Pixels for People.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to answering your questions about our program.

If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us and we will get you an answer as soon as possible.

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